Price: £210.00

Duration: 1 day

Ratio: 1:1 (or as bespoke)

Location: Peak District or further afield

Private Guiding at Climb Outside brings together a selection of topics, each is explained a little further below.

In a nutshell:

  • CLASSICS: discover some important landmarks in (British) climbing history
  • ONSIGHTING: gain confidence, become a more efficient and ultimately better onsight climber
  • TAILORED: entirely custom made


This is an immensely satisfying and memorable course, designed for those who seek a real adventure, atmosphere and a little remoteness. Our instructors (sadly) know a great deal of rock in the UK like the back of their hand and you will be in for a real treat on this course.

Climbing in e.g. the Peak District began as early as the 19th century. Many important routes have been established over the years. Some of them have only been put up very recently and many have been forgotten about although they certainly do not lack in quality! If you want to sample classic test pieces from the big eras of the 1920’s, 1950’s or 1980’s, you are in for a total adventure! Classic rock routes can be found all over the country, so we can also operate at a venue nearer to you. There is no rush or time limit, no need for prior experience, there is nothing but you and some of the very best routes in British rock climbing.    

As always, we will adapt the structure of the day in accordance to your personal preferences and level of experience. If you prefer to climb outside the Peak District or outside the UK, we would add the cost for transport to the overall price of the course. 

This course is suited to: anyone who simply wants to enjoy some of the best routes in the country or further afield.


This course will provide you with the necessary skills to build a solid base for more efficient, confident and relaxed onsight lead climbing.

Our Onsighting course is run by Rik, who was one of the first people in Britain to hold the Development Coach Award. Rik will assess your current level of climbing and develop an individualised and progressive training plan that will help you to improve your onsight climbing performance swiftly. The focus of anyone's plan will be based around key factors such as climbing strategies, head-games, movement skills and efficient gear placement.

This course is suited to: anyone who has done our Learn To Lead Course; anyone who can safely lead climb.


If you have specific climbing goals, if you have little time and want your very own climbing experience, or if you simply prefer things to be custom made just for you, please get in touch and we will tailor a course that meets your expectations and hopefully exceeds them.

If you prefer to climb outside the Peak District, we would add the cost of our fuel to the overall price of the course.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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