Hannes Bonitz 

Hannes is originally from Germany but has lived and worked in the UK since 2005. He grew up competing in Dinghy sailing races throughout Europe and started working in the adventure travel and outdoor industry at the age of 19. His main focus is in climbing work and outdoor education. Hannes has climbed in various European countries, The Middle-East, Africa and South-East Asia. He still really enjoys a quiet day out, at some of the Peak District`s forgotten gems like Wolfscote Dale or Gibb Torr. Hannes has a very attentive and caring delivery style and always goes the extra mile to ensure that every course participant is comfortable and fully engaged in learning and having fun. 

Qualifications: RCI, ML(s)

Aidan Jones 

Aidan has over 20 years experience climbing, exploring and working in the outdoors. Growing up in the heart of the Peak District provided the opportunity to explore the Gritstone edges and hills around where he lived. Aidan became a Rock Climbing Instructor (previously called SPA) in 2003 and has worked in outdoor activities ever since. He continues to enjoy all aspects of this exciting and diverse sport.  

Aidan is now a Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor (previously called MIA), but he also holds a wide range of other land and water based outdoor qualifications. Aidan has an amazing wealth of climbing knowledge and experience at many levels from single pitch trad to long and serious mountain routes.

Qualifications: MCI, RCI, ML(s)

Kim Hayward

Kim has worked in the outdoor sector for over 15 years. In this time he has helped people develop their climbing skills within day session or working with individuals over a period of time to achieve a high standard of within the sport.

Kim has climbed in many different areas around the globe, focusing a lot of time in the Peak District to take on as many challenges as possible. 

Qualifications: RCI, ML(s)

Victoria Foxwell

Brought up on a farm in South Wales, Foxie has always relished being in the outdoors. Traveling New Zealand at 18, she developed a desire to climb and work in the outdoor industry, which has included running personal development courses and working with paraplegics and people with autism. During summer months, Foxie can be found exploring the mountain routes of North Wales and returning to the Gritstone as the temperature drops. Otherwise, she is off on one of her many climbing or ski touring trips, or back living in Spain, her second home. Foxie has a relaxed, yet zestful style and her reassuring nature will provide you with lots of attention and a drive to gain the most out of your time on every course.

Qualifications: MCI, RCI, ML(s)          

Mike Thomas

Mike is a British Mountain Guide who has been climbing for over 20 years now. This includes a fair amount of travelling and climbing in different places around the world like the European Alps, Yosemite, the Himalayas and Oman. Mike has been working as a Mountaineering Instructor since 2012, teaching and guiding summer and winter climbing around the UK. 

Mike is planning to climb all 6 classic alpine north faces and to continue having fun adventures in the mountains with good friends for as long as he can.

Qualifications: BMG, WMCI, MCI, RCI, ML(s), ML(w)

Charlie Mack 

Charlie is a keen climber and mountaineer. He can be found enjoying all that climbing encompasses from Gritstone, through to long welsh trad routes and Scottish winter climbing. Through his 15 years working as an outdoor instructor he has delivered a variety of outdoor pursuits including water sports, bushcraft and a stint in retail, where his gear boffin knowledge was put to good use. Charlie went on to complete a degree in Outdoor Studies which furthered his knowledge and understanding, and helped to create the high quality of delivery he is known for.

Qualifications: MCI, RCI, ML(s)

Tom Wild

Tom lives in Sheffield, but grew up in the Peak District. He currently works for Whitehall Outdoor Education Centre teaching a variety of outdoor activities to young people. His main passion is climbing and mountaineering which he has been doing regularly since the age of 16. 

He spends a lot of his time (maybe too much) planning trips and adventures abroad. He has a personal goal of climbing all the 4000m mountains in the Alps. Hopefully he will complete this sooner rather than later! Tom can’t think of a better job than taking people out climbing and mountaineering! 

Qualifications: MCI, RCI, ML(s)

Rik Battye 

Rik is a Climbing Development Coach and actually one of the early developers of all the coaching awards, taking part in the testing and feedback process before they were implemented. He currently manages the Big Depot Climbing Centre in Leeds and provides regular courses to people from all backgrounds and of all abilities. 

Rik is a strong sport climber and has a very holistic, sustainable approach to his personal training. 

Rik is the right man if you want to focus on your climbing performance and develop a personalised training programme. 

Qualifications: RCI, ML(s), Development Coach