Price: £180.00 pp

Duration: 2 days

Ratio: 1:6

Location: Peak District


In a nutshell:

  • make the transition from the indoor wall to the outdoors
  • become a competent 'second'
  • learn how to construct sound natural belays
  • have a go at placing gear whilst climbing

This is a very popular course that focuses on your progression from, being an indoor-wall lead climber, to an outdoor climber. Or if you are a relative newbie to climbing, you will go home with a very good understanding of the fundamentals in traditional rock climbing, but also, what steps to take next in your climbing career.

We will start the first day by looking at some general differences when it comes to the transition from inside to outside climbing. This part is quite laid back and we usually meet in a local café in the Peak or a local Outdoor center.  

We will then swiftly move outside for some climbing and abseiling, learning how to place gear on the ground and how to build sound belays for top and bottom roping. The second day will see you do more climbing and building sound belays. But you will also have a go at placing some gear whilst being on a top rope.

Throughout both days, you will learn more technical jargon and how to move on real rock, as opposed to plastic (a.k.a. rock reading skills). We will also be looking at equipment checks and how to assess risks dynamically and continuously. You will have the chance to see a variety of climbing venues like Stanage Edge, Frogatt Edge, or Lawrencefield which will give you a good taste of what the Peak District has to offer.

This course is suited to: anybody who has experience from climbing at indoor walls; anybody who has done our Taster Day.  

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