Covid-19 and outdoor recreation

We feel that these days, possibly more than ever, outdoor recreation plays an immensely important role in the well-being and recovery of everybody's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state.

Hopefully we will be allowed to hug again soon!!

Come outside and be playful again - you deserve it! Consider booking onto our Mindfulness Climbing course which is designed to purposefully reconnect with ourselves and our beautiful environment.

Current government guidance as of February 2021

Recent announcements by the British government boosted our hopes that we are able to return to a bit more 'normality' in our industry from March 29th 2021! 

In line with current government guidance, and in order to keep everyone participating in our courses as safe as possible, we have put in place a few simple measures and points to consider which are outlined below. All explanations have been simplified here, in order to keep any potential confusion to a minimum and avoid any interference with your positive booking experience: 

  • for now, we can only work on a 1:1 basis 
  • hopefully, we can soon expand to work in little groups from the same household or people from within a support bubble or better!
  • we would like you to encourage you not to travel into or outside a Tier 3 or Tier 4 area in order to participate on our courses
  • upon booking we'll send you a brief Covid questionnaire that we would need you to fill in prior to commencement of any course
  • all our courses are planned to run outside, which naturally decreases the risk of transmission enormously 
  • on the day we will use current SD rules, regular hand sanitising, and general common sense to keep the virus from spreading amongst ourselves and via potential temporary share of safety equipment
  • we would urge our clients to bring as much of their own safety equipment as possible. Should we be in a position of potentially having to share equipment, we will refer back to personal hygiene and only use safety equipment that has been quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours between courses
  • for all our operations we have a general Covid-19 specific risk assessment in place
  • throughout the day(s) of the course(s), we are operating by constantly dynamically assessing and prioritising risk factor, and we will always prioritise real risks over perceived risks