‘Moroccan Gold’ E2 5B, one of the best routes, Aidan and me did in North Africa! One of many outstanding multi-pitches on good rock in this breathtaking location where, apart from goats, dogs and the distant call of a Muezzin, you don’t hear or see anything for miles.

It’s been a mesmerizing journey which took us to the Quartzite fortresses around the Jebel-el-Kest massive, north of Tafraoute. We found the people here and anywhere in Morocco to be incredibly welcoming. The food was beautiful, the teas were a bit sugary, the weather reliable and the overall cost of living absolutely affordable

The local language here is Berber, which is also the ethnical origin of the people. Desert people, like the Tuareg. This is the same in the neighbouring countries, Tunesia, Algeria, Lybia and Egypt. Arabic is the official language, but only since the 100 year conquest in the 7 th century.  Since colonial times, French is also widely ish spoken, which is good for tourism!

(Almost) every single day for three weeks, we would throw ourselves at a big route or a long scramble, and get our lungs and legs a proper work-out! On rest days, we would enjoy the cultural experience or explore the surrounding of Tafraoute.

Definitely a place to come back to. Lots of new route potential as well.

Thanks to Joe Brown and associates for all the classic new routes. Lots of thanks to Steve and Katja Broadbent for their committed effort to promote and further develop the area into what is one of the best trad destinations and winter sun spots we have ever been to!

Best routes we did:        

Angel’s Crest 3 @ JebelelKest

Labyrinth Ridge VS @ Aylim Rock

Great Ridge VS @ Aylim Rock

Fire Sword E1 @ Dragon Buttress

Moroccan Gold E2 @ Lower Eagle

Game of Thrones E3 @ Dinosaur Wall

Sailing the Aegean E3 @ Greek Buttress

Infinity E4 @ Lower Eagle

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