Price: £100.00

Duration: 1 day

Ratio: 1:4

Location: Peak District or further afield


In a nutshell:

  • improve your overall climbing skills and decision making process through more self awareness
  • learn how to use climbing as a form of active meditation
  • a unique and modern course with a spiritual touch

Many of us live a hectic and fully scheduled life, filled with responsibilities, appointments, commitments, hassle. Sometimes we might ask ourselves, what the purpose of all this haste is, at what point it might slow down a little and whether we just work for short weekend breaks and a few weeks of holiday at the Costa Blanca!

The answer is that, actually, you can learn and practise ways that will help you to deal with these modern, first world problems in a simple way. Mindfulness has become quite a fashionable word these days to a point where, perhaps, there is already a bit of confusion what it is all about and to a point, where some of us might even reject the concept because they are being bombarded with this word without having had the chance to find out what it actually means.

Our Mindfulness course is a unique approach to this problem and will show you ways how to be more present and hopefully how to quieten down the chatter in your mind. It will further give you ideas how to adapt the concept of mindfulness to your all-day busy life. Learn how to use climbing as a form of active meditation and open yourself to a new, modern approach to living in a society that would benefit from being a bit more at peace with itself. 

By booking onto this course, you might find ways to be the change you want to see in this world. We look forwards to seeing you here! 10% of your overall booking fee will be donated to the Mindfulness-Project in Northern Thailand.

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